The culprit behind all self-sabotage

If there is one thing I hear more than any other when it comes to goal achievement it is this…

“I know what to do, why don’t I do it?”

Take weight loss as an example, we all know the drill: move more, eat less.  Let’s face it – it’s not rocket science.  So why do so many of us not do what we know?  And further still, how come so many (like 90-95%) that lose weight go on to regain it?

In all my years of observing my own weight yo-yo’ing of about 40 pounds, I see that there is one consistent thing that happens when I start to put the weight on again.  And that is… Continue reading

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so I fell over in yoga class…

This past week in my yoga class, we were doing balancing poses (harder than it sounds) when I fell right over.  I don’t mean a little shaky and back into the pose, I mean almost falling into the person next to me.

Since I usually do pretty good in these poses and can often hold them longer than even prompted, I wondered what had happened.  Was I sick?  Hungover?  Distracted?  Nope.  None of these scenarios could supply the reason.

It was then that I realized what it was and how this simple “stumble” was the key to my weight loss this past year.

You see, I tipped over (I really do wish there was a video of this – it was that funny!) because… Continue reading

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The 4 steps to real goal achievement

If you’re like most people, you have set goals many times only to watch yourself give up before Tuesday (there is a reason we always “start” on Monday – and I share it below) or maybe even reach your goal and then start the inevitable backslide.

While there are many articles written on why this happens, I’d like to share the “how to” strategies that have worked for me in the past year.

[If you’re just joining this conversation, I’ve been sharing how I lost over 25 pounds last year and kept it off rather than my lifelong cycle of losing it fast and regaining it even faster.  And while the strategies and examples I share are around weight loss, they can be applied to any goal you want to achieve.]

But instead of just listing the strategies (i.e. no “bad” carbs after 3pm except wine!), I think it’s important to share the concept or philosophy these strategies were based upon because my specific strategies may or may not work for you.  And when we blindly adopt what works for someone else, we are often disappointed when it doesn’t work for us.

(DON’T WORRY!  I have woven in the specific strategies that have worked for me since so many of you have asked for them.)

Last time, I shared the 4 steps to goal FAILURE that I have experienced most of my life... Continue reading

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The only way to achieve your goals (forget willpower)

We’ve been talking about New Year’s Resolutions and goal achievement and why so many people set goals or resolutions but never attain them.

Since this is so common, I wondered why?  And I set out this past year to find out.  After regaining 25 pounds of 45 I had lost on an extreme low-carb diet, I had had it.  I knew how to lose weight – and fast.  Done it many times.  What I didn’t know how to do was lose weight slowly and then keep it off.

So I set a goal to lose the 25 in four months (reasonable timeframe) and the penalty for not doing so was I would have to donate $5000 to the charity of choice selected by the Mastermind group I belonged to.

But here was the additional criteria I set for myself:

  • I couldn’t do anything drastic or extreme.
  • No more than 1 to 2 pounds per week.
  • I couldn’t lose it and then put it back on before my deadline (in other words, it wasn’t “once saved – always saved”.  I had to go into my meeting at my goal weight or below.)

As I began to put the behaviors in place to help me reach my goal (working out every day for 30 minutes, not eating after 6pm most nights, keeping a food log, etc.) I focused on ONLY ONE THING…

Continue reading

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New Year = New You? Part 2

fatTell me if this sounds familiar.  You decide to lose weight.  Maybe you saw a picture of yourself that horrified you (oh, just me then? ;-), you got pissed off or inspired, you created a plan, and starting on Monday, you got up at 5am to go to the gym.

Or prepared your spinach, sprouts and chicken salad.

Or threw out your wine.  (We’re talking radical here!)

And for a few days, maybe even a few weeks or months, you were on track.  Motivation was high and you were starting to see results.

Then something happened…  Continue reading

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New Year = New You? Not so fast

  • dietsdontworkStatistically, 92% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions fail to achieve them.
  • 75% of us don’t even keep our resolutions for 72 hours.
  • And of the small percentage that do, most don’t make it past January. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

I don’t mean to be the Grim Reaper of your goals and dreams. After all, I’ve had my share of failed goals, short lived resolutions and success-then-sabotage cycles. It’s taken me years to finally figure out exactly why it was so hard to achieve these things that I really wanted.

Just to show you how “human” and Universal our desires are, here is the list of the Top 10 Resolutions we make and the #1 strategy for actually attaining them

Continue reading

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How to Actually Survive the Holidays

I know this time of year, everyone encourages you to be thankful for the good in your life.  Holidays, by their very definition, should be a time of reflection and gratitude.

So how is it that this time of year sometimes becomes the craziest of all?  Relatives to visit, parties to attend, extra meals to make, visitors, and let’s not forget – THE GIFTS!

I grew up not celebrating the holidays for religious reasons.  That’s right, NO holidays.  So I was in an interesting position, I had all this time off but no added stress or obligations.

My co-workers who knew this used to tell me how lucky I was.  I remember thinking, “how sad is that?”  Here they wait all year for this time of year and yet when it arrives, the stress outweighs the joy.

As I left that religion, I wondered how my old beliefs would come together with my new beliefs – especially around holiday time.  Would I be okay with giving gifts (yes!), eating turkey on Thanksgiving (no problem here!), a Christmas tree in my house (so far, no).

One thing I realized I wanted was a part of the traditional holidays – more time with family and friends, the fun of finding the “perfect” gift for someone – but didn’t want the stress and overwhelm experienced by the people around me.   The question was “Is that even possible?”

Turns out, yes.  However, I’ve needed to be very strategic about it.  Here are my tips for surviving the holidays… Continue reading

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how not to “bait and switch” your audience

I was so excited for this webinar.  It was on a topic I really wanted to learn about … from a woman I really respected.  I tuned in on time and waited for the learning to begin.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.

I lasted 40 minutes.  Longer than most.

If you want to be effective at moving your audience to do more with you after your talk, you have to give them content that leads them to the logical conclusion of taking the next step whatever that is.

In order to do that, your content must… Continue reading

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something that really ticks me off

Have you ever attended a presentation (whether it be a speaking engagement, a webinar or teleseminar) and part way through thought to yourself “I haven’t learned anything useful yet!”

It seems in the past few years, speakers got taught to not deliver any real content in the hopes that it would somehow move the audience to want the program or product they offered at the end.

Excuse me but, are you freaking kidding me?  If I invest an hour with you but I don’t get any measureable return, there is NO WAY I’m going to invest any more time or money with you. Continue reading

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It’s not ALL about you (but it is a little!)

The two mistakes I see speakers make is they either over-do it and talk about themselves WAY TOO MUCH or they skip over their story completely.  Your story does matter because people want to know why they should listen to you.  Plus, people remember stories long after the facts.

So because your story is important but you don’t want to overdo it, there is a formula to follow to know exactly how much to share.  When you tell your story, you want to follow Continue reading

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