For those who desire a more INTENSIVE approach, Nancy and Chris offer VIP consulting days. You will spend an entire day (and your partner or team if desired) working solely on your most critical business objectives.

What type of session would move you forward?

A Branding Intensive – where we lay the foundation for your business (including your mission, perfect target market, message, packages and pricing, etc.) We will even bring in our branding team to help you create your business name and logo if you like.

A Coaching Intensive – where we uncover the personal roadblocks in your way. Maybe you have the perfect brand, plan and strategy but still aren’t moving forward. Instead of a long coaching or counseling process, you will get to the source of what’s stopping you and eliminate it once and for all.

A Sales Intensive – where we show you the fastest, most effective way to get the BIG contracts. This is a great option if you have leads right now that you need to close.

If one of these options is for you, contact us.