How To Create The Perfect Elevator Speech

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To Attract the Right Clients To You
(And Never Get Tongue-Tied Again!)

Our step-by-step formula will show you how to easily create a killer elevator speech so you never again stumble when you answer the dreaded question “What Do You Do?”

From: Nancy Roberts, Rochester, NY.
To: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (Especially Women!)

Networking is one of the MAIN strategies we are told to use to build our business. But very rarely are we told HOW to do it. Right from the moment we walk in, it can be an uncomfortable situation.

  • Do you dread answering the question “What do you do?”
    Are you confused exactly HOW to create an effective and authentic “elevator speech”?
  • Have you spent hours trying to come up with the perfect way to approach people while networking yet still feel completely uncomfortable?
  • Do you enjoy meeting people but wonder how to go from casual conversation to client?
  • And, most importantly, are you starting to think that networking and attending events as a way of getting clients is OVER, and you're looking for a way that WORKS?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you're in the right place. And we can't wait to help you!

But first, I have to share, that just like you I tripped all over myself when people asked what I did. I either gave an answer that was…

  1. Too blah (“I’m a consultant”)
  2. Too long-winded (“I’m a certified behavioral analyst and what I do is use behavioral analysis to assess candidates in the hiring process…”)
  3. Too vague or rambling (“well I do quite a few things actually”)

And while I may have eventually recovered after this awkward beginning, I lost the opportunity to quickly assess whether the other person was a possible prospect who might be interested in my services.

I know I’m not alone because our private coaching clients (primarily women business owners) have told us the same thing. They get so tongue-tied when introducing themselves – to one person let alone a group – that eventually it’s difficult to get themselves to even go to events.

And I’m not talking about just introverts here. There are very extroverted, charming, impressive women that trip all over themselves when they need to tell someone what they do.

There are three major reasons we struggle with our Elevator Speech. One is because…

We don’t like being the center of attention!

And those few moments after someone says, “So what do you do?” it’s ALL about US! So we fumble and mumble and pretty much just get through it as fast as possible so the attention goes away.

Ironically the BEST elevator speech will turn the attention back on the other person immediately by engaging them. There is a special technique to this and once you learn it, you will be waiting for someone to ask “what do you do?”

The second reason is, at least for most of us…

We are not used to saying what we do in 20 words or less!

If we have 20 minutes, we can explain what we do. If we have 2 minutes, we can get to the good stuff.

But if we have 20 seconds, it’s too much pressure!! How do we say something meaningful in just 20 seconds?

The third reason we struggle with our Elevator Speech…

We don’t know how to say what we do in an exciting way!

Most people don’t know how to say what they do in a way that generates further interest. Fact is, most people sort of “tune out” when we are sharing our Elevator Speech. It’s sad, but true!

So with all these things working against us, how do we QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY convey what we do so our ideal client can find us?

It just so happens that there is a step-by-step formula to create a compelling, targeted and short elevator speech.

Once I learned it, and started using it at networking events, not only would people nod their heads and ask more questions but they would even say “I think I’m your ideal client!”

What could be better than that?

As a matter of fact, I decided that the there was a “Litmus Test” to know if your Elevator Speech is working.

  • People will be nodding their heads in recognition
  • People will ask “how do you do that?”
  • People will come right out and say “I think I’m your target market” or “I think I need your help”

And I would keep honing my Elevator Speech until I got any of these responses. Now I want to show you how to do with your introduction exactly what I did.

To Attract The Right Clients To You and
Never Get Tongue-Tied Again!

In this audio program, we are going to give you a step-by-step process for creating your Elevator Speech.

You will learn how to:

  • get prospective clients and customers to approach YOU
  • know exactly who you should seek out at networking events and exactly what to say
  • discover a way to really STAND OUT with your best prospects, instead of just blending in at breakfast meetings or competitor-filled local networking events
  • get the most results from your networking activities with the least amount of effort and time
  • come up with 3 simple benefit statements about what you do that will “hook” your ideal clients
  • truly know how to introduce yourself with a strategy that will benefit YOU and your business

I will even tell you how to gracefully get out of a conversation that is going nowhere (c’mon – you know the ones I’m talking about!).

“I’ve been in business for years but was never comfortable saying what I do for a living. Within just a couple minutes, you nailed my ‘Elevator Speech’ for me and I was actually looking forward to attending my next networking event!” ~ Gayle A., Business Owner, Virginia

When you order this Audio Program, you’ll receive:

  • MP3 Recording of me, Nancy Roberts, walking you step-by-step the process to create the perfect Elevator Speech.
  • WORKBOOK to help you follow along with the recording, take notes and complete the FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS Elevator Speech creation formula.
  • PDF transcript of the audio recording – just in case you like to read along while you listen.

Best of all, this program is available at one of the LOWEST prices we’ve ever offered. We’re doing this because we know this simple topic – creating a killer Elevator Speech – is CRITICAL for any business owner to master, so we want to make it super easy for you to do.

The program price is only $79. When you look at how much time you spend networking, you can see that knowing how to effectively capture your ideal prospects interest is PRICELESS!

Our Personal “Heads Will Be Nodding” Guarantee!

We are so confident that this program will help you create the perfect Elevator Speech that we’re willing to guarantee that IF you follow the process, you will see heads nodding when you introduce yourself.

If for any reason this program doesn’t fulfill on that promise, you may contact us within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a CREDIT to use on any product in our online store.

Please note that since “How To Create The Perfect Elevator Speech” is a completely digital product, no refunds can be granted. But again, we are happy to offer you a complete credit toward any other product or program.

Guaranteed Success!

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