Fearless Prospecting

Fear of Prospecting is
the Number One Reason
Women Business Owners & Direct Sellers Fail

Scared WomanIf you’re a women business owner or direct seller, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you find yourself “grabbing another cup of coffee” or “checking email” when it’s time to call prospects?
  • Do you feel guilty at the end of the day for not calling on potential new customers?
  • Are you convinced you have a great opportunity/product but your inability to push through fear of rejection prevents you from prospecting at the level you could be?

If this rings true for you, then “fear of the phone” may be sabotaging your success.

Research shows that 80% of all salespeople and direct sellers FAIL due to insufficient prospecting activity. Truth of the matter is we all “intend” to prospect but many of us let fear STOP us from picking up the phone.

If this sounds familiar, trust us you’re not alone!

After coaching women business owners for the last three years, my partner Chris and I have found that fear of prospecting is sometimes the ONLY thing holding someone back from extraordinary success.

Perhaps you have felt that same feeling. “If only I could get comfortable calling people, I know I could excel in this business.”

The problem is, the more we try to “pump ourselves up” to do something we uncomfortable with, the more creative we get with our avoidance behaviors.

See if you recognize any of these:

  • Rationalization (“It’s 8 pm and she has kids. She’s probably putting them to bed. I shouldn’t call now.)
  • Procrastination (“I haven’t reviewed my scripts in awhile. I should do that before I call people.”)
  • Catastrophizing (“She’s going to think I’m only after her money. Maybe she’ll tell me I’m too greedy.”)

And we do this day after day. So at the end of the month, our business is exactly where it was the previous month and we are more frustrated, more guilty and more discouraged than ever.

So what’s the solution?  Introducing…

Moving from Fear to Freedom in Just 30 Days!

Fearless Prospecting: Moving from Fear to Freedom

All The Proven Fear-Busting Tools, Models, and Ideas That You Need To Start Bringing In a Flood of New Customers…

Laid Out In An Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step, Daily System

Realizing that people need daily support, Chris and I came up with an easy, cost-effective, 30-day system that will help you…

  • Increase your call activity which leads to more customers and more money in your pocket.
  • Learn 8 powerful processes that will help you act in spite of fear.
  • Walk you through daily implementation of the tools you learn.
  • Discover a simple method for knowing daily if you’re moving towards success or away from it.
  • Remove confusion – you will know exactly what to do every morning to move your business forward.
  • Generate the cash flow and residual income you deserve.
  • Share your products and services with the people who need it most, and feel proud about your business and the impact you’re making on the world.
  • Finally experience the personal and financial freedom of owning a successful business!

“I started the Fearless Prospecting System today and made 16 Calls!  (I haven’t actually gotten on the phone to work my personal business in quite a while).  It was AMAZING!  I used the Fearless worksheets and set my Goal to make 10 Calls to get 3 Bookings.  I asked myself if I was good enough to make 1 call and then celebrated like crazy after I made that first call!  Then I just repeated the Mantra, Suck it up Princess to make the additional calls.  I didn’t have a perfect list or perfect script, I just did it!  You were absolutely correct, I felt GREAT!  I even kept going after I made 10 calls so that I actually spoke to 10 people.  I know you must hear this A LOT, but Thank you so much for what you do!  The Teleseminars have been AMAZING and I am learning more with each one about myself and the power I have to turn my business around!”  ~ Kim Holmes, Independent Sr. Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Alabaster, AL

The tools in your Fearless Prospecting System are excellent and the audios, as well.  I would recommend this to consultants and I will work this system again and again.” ~ Lynn Klei, Independent Sales Director, Rochester, NY

“I have been using the Fearless Prospecting System right along and today will be Day 5 for me .  It certainly has given me the extra motivation I needed to make those calls and I’m learning lots about my “stories” that have held me back not only in sales but in all other areas of my life.  I’ve made at least 8 calls within the past 2 days and have some bookings lined up. Thanks again!”  ~ Jean Miller, Independent Sales Consultant, Rochester, NY.

This system will guide you day-by-day to select activities that will push you outside your comfort zone but it also gives you the tools you need to do it.

When you use this program for 30-days, we expect, you will find it so valuable in helping you move through fear that you will turn around and use it EVERY 30 days. And that’s exactly how it was designed!

I can’t resist…here’s a sneak peek at the 30-Day System…

Fearless Prospecting: Moving from Fear to Freedom

Once you begin to work this system, you will be generating new customers on an ongoing basis! Here’s what’s included:

Part 1: Fearless Prospecting System 30-Day Manual & a Tools Manual

The 30-day manual will serve as your daily guide as you implement the strategies. This is not a long, drawn out, boring book that you’ll have to spend hours trudging through. Instead, it’s a short, to the point guide (one page per day!) on exactly what you need to do to start calling more prospects than ever before! Not only that but we also give you a Tools Manual that contains all the tools, models, and concepts from our renowned “The Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance Workshop” plus many more!

Part 2: Fearless Prospecting System Audios on Six (6) CD’s

Imagine having Chris and I there with you every morning to get you started! These daily audio clips in on CD will guide you on how to use the manual, review the tools, concepts and models from the workshop, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, motivate and inspire you to keep on implementing the system. (We also included an extra CD on the tools to walk you through how to use each one to overcome your reluctance.)

Part 3: Quickstart Audio on CD

While you could sit down with your manual and CD’s and start implementing the system by yourself (it’s designed that way), we thought it would be a lot easier where we review the system together!

Because one ironic FACT about FEAR is this…

The only way to get over the fear of doing something is to DO IT!

Chris and I found this out when we created this system. Since it was new, we really wanted to put it to the test. So we decided that we would work the program ourselves. Many people who see us training in the front of the room think that fear doesn’t hold us back – but that’s NOT TRUE! We experience fear just like everybody else.

So Chris and I worked the system for 30 days and pushed through fears that were holding us back in our businesses. I then recorded a short audio from my home office (where I run my consulting business) to help you walk through your (whoops) OUR exercise for the day.

Chris on the other hand was on the street, pounding the pavement, for his sales job. He recorded, live, the “stories” that kept him from calling on prospects and referral sources. He walked you through the tools he used to push past his fear and then he checked back in once the call was done. Was his story correct? Or was it just his inner “Gremlin” out of control? You’ll have to listen to find out!

If you’re already convinced that this system is for you, purchase it now!

If you need more information, consider this…


Think about this. How much is one new customer worth to you? Over the course of one year? $100? $1000? $10,000?

With this system, we are showing you exactly what you need to do to bring in as many customers as you want. And if you decide you want 10 new customers within the 30 days and those customers are worth $100 on the front end, that’s $1000 at the end of the 30 days.

We can’t make a claim about how many more clients you will get using this system because your success depends upon your willingness to use what we teach you.

However, we can guarantee that if you work and implement this 30-day system in your business, you will see an increase in prospects, customers and sales.

But we know that many of you may be new to business and may be just getting used to managing your cash flow. That’s why we are pricing this system for a very special price of just $247, to give everyone who needs it most a chance to use it.

Look at it this way. If you get ONE extra customer as a result of using this system, you’ll have gotten a return on your investment. And you stand to make MUCH more than that.

Plus, if you order now, you’ll also receive:

Two Special Bonuses to help you get the most out of this system!

Bonus #1: Email Support & Reminders
Since we don’t expect you to be on your own while you implement this system, we are ready to respond via email to any questions or challenges you may have during the 30 days.

Bonus #2: “How To Market When You’re Not an Extrovert” E-report
This free e-report is essential for those who find it daunting to market themselves and their businesses due to being introverted by nature. It just so happens that there are some areas of business that introverts EXCEL in naturally and you can use this to your advantage.

Maybe there are many of you out there who are like Chris and I when we started out… talented people with a gift to give this world who are reluctant to promote yourself. What good can your business do if you can’t get it off the ground?

It breaks my heart when I see so many entrepreneurial-minded people with wonderful products or services who fail to grow and succeed because they just don’t know how to push through their fear of prospecting that could bring regular customers for their growing business.

Even though this system should be mandatory for ANYONE who sells for a living, this investment could be a financial hardship if we charged what it is actually worth. We could easily ask for 5 times the amount it’s selling for now. It’s simply THAT valuable when you think of all the income you’ll make on the back end. However, we want as many people to get access to this system as possible.

So we’re inviting you to try the Fearless Prospecting System for just $247!

And we’re offering a easy 3-payment plan.

It IS possible to have the business of your dreams . . . but you must have the right system in place. The Fearless Prospecting System provides you with the step-by-step actions you must take and the support that is essential to help you find more customers, and boost your cash flow, no matter what type of business you run, large or small.

So, are you ready to start getting more prospects and customers for your business?

Just click on the secure order link below, so we can get you set up with the Fearless Prospecting System right away!

Yes! I can’t wait to start the “Fearless Prospecting System” so I have the tools to get out of my own way and generate lots of new leads and prospects for my business.

I understand with my investment, I’ll receive the following:

Part 1: Fearless Prospecting System 30-Day Manual & Tools Manual

Part 2: Fearless Prospecting System 30-Day & Tools CD’s

Part 3: Quickstart Audio on CD

Not only all that, but you get these bonuses as our gift to you!

Bonus #1: Email Support & Reminders

Bonus #2: “How To Market When You’re Not an Extrovert” Report

I understand Fearless Prospecting System comes with an iron-clad money back guarantee. If I’m not 100% happy, I may request a refund within 30 days of my purchase and I’ll receive my money back with no reason needed. My investment is risk free!

So Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like? Click One Now!

Option One (best deal): Pay in Full at $247.00

Option Two: Pay in Three Monthly Payments of $89.00

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

Remember, we stand behind the information we’re offering you. If you decide that this program isn’t for you, just ask for your money back within 30 days of your purchase. No guilt trips or hard feelings. Get this great deal now, and make up your mind later.

So, are you ready? Let’s go!

Wishing you prospecting success,

Chris & Nancy

Nancy Roberts and Chris KenneyP.S. Remember, you’re buying Fearless Prospecting System at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose, so get your copy now.