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From: Entrepreneur Coach Nancy Roberts, Rochester, NY
To: Female Solo-preneurs and Women Business Owners

Whether you’ve been in business a couple of months or a couple of years, you are likely spending much of your time marketing your services to prospective clients.

Maybe you have a unique website, a Facebook page with lots of Likes, and a Blog that you post to frequently.

Perhaps you’ve been bold enough to do some speaking engagements, lead events or send out a newsletter for your business.

With all these efforts (and believe me, we know how hard you work at all of this) if your business is not bringing in a steady stream of paying clients – you are likely missing a KEY component to your business.

Consider this.  In every business, three main tasks MUST take place.


From my experience of coaching women business owners the past three years (and of course, being one myself now for over 10 years) I know that most of you are amazing at what you do (the Delivery part).

Whether you are a life coach, direct seller, or marketing consultant, you know your stuff!

Then typically when we start our business we focus on that first part – Lead Generation.  We get our brochures and business cards printed, we get out and network and we set up coffee dates with prospects.

Yet the part that we miss, time and time again, is that pesky part in the middle – Sales.


If that was your reaction – I know exactly where you’re coming from.  I was in my first home-based consulting business for three years trying to figure out how to make more than $30,000 each year.  I was very good at my work (Certified Behavioral Analyst), became a great marketer, (I was the DISC Wizard!!) but avoided actual “selling” like the plague.

I thought that if I was good enough at what I did, word would spread and I wouldn’t have to sell myself.  I was an engaging speaker and got lots of great feedback from my speaking gigs.  I was a great writer and my newsletter got lots of kudos and accolades.  But none of this turned into CASH IN THE DOOR.

So if we know SALES is a crucial component of a growing business, why do we hide behind marketing and neglect sales? Here are four main reasons:

1. Marketing is Sexy.  How do we know?  Consider this.  In many movies when a character is supposed to have a really exciting job or career, it’s often in marketing, PR or advertising. (Ex: I Don’t Know How She Does It, Management, Whipped, The Sweetest Thing, Two Weeks Notice)

But how often is it really cool in a movie to have a sales job?  Most of the time, sales people are portrayed as the clichéd “used car salesman” (Ex: Used Cars, National Lampoon's Vacation, Suckers) or manipulative and sleazy (Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler Room).

We get the message loud and clear:
Marketing is cool; Sales is not.

Marketing is cool; Sales is not.The problem is marketing was originally intended to aid the sales process.  Flyers were posted, postcards mailed out…all to get people to call the salespeople… so a sale could be made.  Marketing was never supposed to REPLACE sales!

2. Marketing is Passive.  Many women business owners believe they can sit behind their computer, send a couple of emails and watch the sales flood in.  Stories of marketers cashing in (“no list and I still made millions”) have perpetuated this myth. So we write copy, set up autoresponders, invest in SEO and PPC and wait for the money to come in.  And we wait.  And wait.  And wait.

3. Marketing is Common.  Let’s face it, when we start our business we want to know what everyone else is doing so we have some guidance as to what we should be doing.  So we see everyone else focused on marketing and decide we need to do the same.  This is the kiss of death in business.  How do we know?  80% of all small business don’t last a year.  95% never see their 5th Anniversary.  So if you do what they do…  Well, you get the picture!

4. Marketing is Comfortable.  Marketing is Sexy, Passive and Common = Comfortable.  Selling, on the other hand, is the direct contact with a qualified prospect where you recommend your services that may lead them to an agreement to do work with you = Uncomfortable!

It doesn’t seem like Sales should be so uncomfortable and awkward, but the majority of women we coach really struggle with this aspect of their business.

Here’s the REAL Reason Women STRUGGLE In Business…

They believe in their services and really believe they can help their prospects.  But when it comes to “pitching” their services, their confidence shrinks up and they hold back.  They either don’t quote their prices confidently or they do the “slink away” (not ever really asking the prospect to work with them).

Or they do get to the point of asking for the sale, but at the first objection, they stop.  If this sounds familiar – you are not alone!  But before you take too much comfort in that – realize that this is the NUMBER ONE REASON women struggle in business.

The SECRET to business success is to learn how to sell in an authentic, straightforward way – without pushy, manipulative tactics – using what WOMEN are naturally great at – listening and giving feedback!!!

And that’s why we are excited to bring you this step-by-step program:

I.H.E.L.P. Selling System

Get More Sales Without Feeling Pushy

I.H.E.L.P.The “I.H.E.L.P. Selling System” is a part of our comprehensive Income180 System™ which has been called the “whole enchilada” when it comes to building a home-based consulting business.  But we recognized that while some of you have nailed the other aspects of the Income180 System (Mission, Market, Message, etc.) you still struggle with the Sales part of your business.

That’s why we decided to make this part of the system available as a stand-alone, home-study course, so you can really focus on the ONE aspect of your business that will bring CASH in the door quickly – SALES.

So if you’re ready to learn a more AUTHENTIC way to sell your services, then do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from two people who have built their company to the mid-six figures in just three years – not with fancy marketing techniques – but by learning how to simply and effectively sell their coaching services.  (This would be Chris and me, by the way!)

As a matter of fact, we didn’t even start a Social Media presence until late this year – the year our business eclipsed $500,000.  That’s right!  We didn’t even have a Facebook page!  (GASP!)

So let’s get to the juicy stuff.  Here’s what you’ll learn with this program…

I.H.E.L.P. Selling System

Get More Sales Without Feeling Pushy

Module 1: The Right Mindset For Sales is KEY

Quick – shout out the first FIVE words that come to your mind when I say SALESPERSON.  If you’re like the majority of the population, you might have just said “pushy”, “sleazy”, “manipulative”, or “greedy”.  The problem with this is that if this is how you see sales and people who sell, of course you’re never going to want to sell!  You don’t want to be seen as pushy, sleazy, manipulative and greedy.

The first thing we have to do with many of our female clients is change how they see sales in the first place.  Because your beliefs drive your actions, we have to work on the beliefs that are holding you back! In this module, you will learn:

  • The VERY FIRST thing you must know that will SHIFT how you approach a prospect (and that will relax you both).
  • Why you are actually not looking for a YES from your prospect (and what you are looking for instead).
  • The FIVE FUNDAMENTAL things sales IS that will completely shift how you see selling (and what sales is NOT).
  • ONE ground-breaking model that will change how you see yourself, your prospects and sales in general.
Module 2: Creating A Sense Of Urgency

Have you ever wondered why you get to the end of a great presentation to a prospect and they come back with “I can’t afford it” or “Call me in 3 months”?  We have too!  So Chris and I have “cracked the code” as to why people who really need your services still don’t sign up.

In this second module, you’ll learn what it means to “elevate” your prospects sense of urgency to work with you.  By selecting a goal from your own life, you will experience a process where your sense of urgency (and willingness to act) is dramatically increased.  Bringing that same process to your sales conversations will then dramatically increase your prospects sense of urgency to work with you. In this module you will discover...

  • The MAIN motivation behind most people’s decisions (once you know this – it’s like being able to read minds!)
  • ONE fundamental thing that is missing from most sales conversations that could move the prospect to a decision in ONE CALL.
  • How changing the FOCUS of the sales conversation is the KEY to closing the sale.
Module 3: The I.H.E.L.P. Selling Process

In Module 3, we walk you through the basic structure of a sales conversation and give you a step-by-step process to follow to improve your very next sales call.  We will explain exactly why people object and what to do to overcome them or eliminate them all together. (the objections – not the people!)

  • Why asking questions is so vital – and it’s NOT just so you know what the prospect needs!
  • What questions you MUST ask your prospect to create urgency – and what questions NOT to ask because they bring the conversation to a screeching halt.
  • How knowing what to listen for can get you the sale!  (Don’t worry – women are really natural at this)
  • Why embracing a Doctor’s approach to your sales presentation will increase conversion (sounds weird – but trust us – this will blow you away!)

PLUS: “Uncovering Hidden Motivators Worksheet”

so you will know exactly what questions to ask a prospect to determine what they really want... allowing you to address this in your presentation.

You will also receive:

BONUS #1:  A 20-minute private, laser coaching session with Chris to review your sales or recruiting process.  What’s working, what’s not and with just a few tweaks, you will be on your way to closing more business!

BONUS #2: HOT OFF THE PRESSES!  You will receive a copy of the ground-breaking “Moving From Interaction to Transaction – How To Get Comfortable Asking For The Sale” book.  Chapters on more effective networking, how to position yourself as an expert and why only 20% of women business owners will ever succeed – all inside!

Ryan Davis"Although we didn't turn around our income in 90 days implementing Chris & Nancy’s I.H.E.L.P. Selling System, we nearly tripled our monthly income in 110 days!  We really appreciate all they bring to the table with their wisdom in the sales process. They are wonderful people, great business owners and they know how to help facilitate growth in business."  ~ Ryan Davis, Owner & Design Manager,

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IHELP Selling System1. MP3 RECORDINGS OF ALL MODULES (or CD’s if you choose) with Chris walking you through our complete “I.H.E.L.P. Selling System” step-by-step.

2. HANDOUTS & WORKSHEETS for every module to help you take notes and have a written process to refer back to.

3. BONUSES: A 20-minute private, laser coaching session with Chris to review your sales process and the “Moving From Interaction to Transaction – How To Get Comfortable Asking For The Sale” book.


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