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From: Entrepreneur Coach Nancy Roberts, Rochester, NY
To: Women Solo-preneurs and Women Business Owners

When you started your business, you likely looked around at other women business owners and copied what they were doing. You started got a business card printed , began networking, and got a website up and running and just like that – you were IN BUSINESS.

Only maybe the clients and the cash haven’t come as fast as you would have liked.

So you head online and you look for the people who seem to be doing it right – the Gurus!

And maybe like thousands of other people, you purchased their program on topics such as:

    • How to make gazillions on Facebook!
    • Grow your list to 100,000 subscribers overnight
    • How to harness the Law of Attraction and manifest clients from thin air!

Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit. But the point is, when we don’t know what to do, we look to successful people to guide us. And if they are selling a program that SEEMS like it’s what we need, we spend what money we have on it.

I know because I’ve been there!

For years, I bought audio programs on everything from how to host successful teleclasses to how to manifest millions.

It’s not that these programs weren’t good (they were!) and it’s not that I didn’t need to learn how to promote and run teleclasses or manifest money (I did!).

It’s just that these programs were not WHAT I needed WHEN I needed it.

Read that last statement again!

These were solid programs with good information. But they weren’t the comprehensive model I needed to build my business upon.

    • I needed the plan.
    • I needed step-by-step instruction.
    • I needed to be given priorities and be told when to do what.

But that didn’t seem to exist. So I did the wrong things or the right things but not in the right order. And it cost me…dearly.

I think it is safe to say that by not having the right system to follow, I spent thousands of dollars and at least three years trying to “figure it out” on my own.

It wasn’t until Chris and I invested in high level coaching (and I mean to the tune of $75,000) that we were taught the foundational model of a coaching/consulting business.

Once we learned this model, and how to “plug and play” certain strategies at certain times, ALL that I learned started to come together and make sense.

It doesn’t seem like this model should be so “secretive” and unknown and yet, the majority of women we coach have never heard of the model.

Here’s Another MAJOR Reason Women STRUGGLE
In Business…

Women are natural multi-taskers. Just the daily chore of making dinner while keeping an eye on the kids takes about a half dozen skill-sets and talents exhibited simultaneously.

So is it any wonder why when we get into business, we try to do it all? And all at the same time!

We’re like Super Woman – marketing, networking, designing, proofing, coding, creating, researching, writing, calling, posting, coaching – all while creating web pages in a single bound!

The problem with this is we may be capable of doing so many things, that we don’t focus on the right things at the right time.(Just because you can – doesn’t mean you should!)

This leaves most women business owners feeling completely overwhelmed, not sure what to work on from day to day.

That’s why we are so excited to bring you this foundational, step-by-step program:

“The Income180 System:
How To Turnaround Your Income in 90 Days”

With this system, I will learn…

    • A simple yet comprehensive, 9-STEP ROADMAP to build my business (no more wandering around by myself looking for answers)
    • The #1 strategy that most business owners don’t know to implement that can bring me CASH today!
    • The ONLY time it makes sense to focus on marketing and what I should be doing instead.
    • The insidious DETOUR that keeps most business owners going in circles (and how to recognize if I’m in it!)
    • How to set up programs, products and pricing for my target market – and actually get people to sign up
    • The biggest ROADBLOCKS to earning PASSIVE INCOME – that no one has ever told me (and how to overcome them so I can really make money in my sleep!)
    • The EXACT STEPS that catapulted Nancy and Chris’ business from $60,000 to $225,000 in their FIRST year! (It’s like having a GPS System for my business!)

The Income180 System™ has been called the “whole enchilada” when it comes to building a home-based coaching or consulting business.

So if you’re ready to learn what to focus on that will bring money in the door quickly, while building the foundation of your business, then do NOT miss out on this opportunity to learn from two people who have built their company to the mid-six figures in just three years – not with complicated techniques – but by learning how to simply and effectively do the right things at the right time! (This would be Chris and me, by the way!)

(Case in point: Many women business owners are convinced they need a social media presence to be successful. We didn’t even have a Social Media presence until late this past year – the year our business eclipsed $500,000. That’s right! We didn’t even have a Facebook page! GASP!)

So let’s get to the juicy stuff. Here’s what you’ll learn with
this system…

Module 1: Discovering Your Mission

There is an EASY, CHALLENGING and downright DIFFICULT WAY to build a business.

The difficult way is to pick a business that is based on a HOBBY you have that is labor intensive. The challenging way is to build a business based on a SKILL you have. Maybe even something you’re really good at. The easy way is to build a business based on your MISSION.

Your mission is your purpose or reason for being. This is where your skills, expertise, and talents come together to help a specific group of people you are passionate about helping.

In this module you will discover…

    • A simple 3-step formula to help you uncover your personal mission
    • The #1 place we fail to look when trying to discover our mission
    • What your mission IS and what it ISN’T (this is usually a big SHOCK for mothers!)
    • Why building your business on your mission is essential – and what happens to most businesses that aren’t mission-based
Module 2: Market To Message Match

Many business owners are so in love with their product or service (and should be!) that they think everyone should be their client. Please note: If everyone is your client, then no one is your client.

Choosing a specific target market serves you because it helps you hone your message. Once your message matches your target markets wants and needs, you will have a much better chance of attracting plenty of the right clients!

    • The three reasons why your business will flounder unless you identify your target market
    • A simple process for identifying your ideal client (and whether or not they will buy from you!)
    • A brand-new way to craft an Elevator Speech that will have you stand out above the crowd and have the right people approaching you!
    • The one thing you MUST AVOID in designing your tagline, USP, website copy and business card. Miss this and you will actually REPEL your ideal client.
Module 3: Build Your Money Mountain

Not every prospect you are in front of is ready to hire you for your one-to-one services. Therefore, many leads get left behind as you move on to our “hotter” leads. Because of this, there is a significant amount of money left on the table.

A “money mountain” allows you to have an offer that EVERY prospect in your target market can easily access (little time and no or low cost). It also allows you to move your prospects naturally to your higher priced offers when they are ready.

Here is what you will learn…

    • How most solo-entrepreneurs actually design their business BACKWARDS costing them major amounts of time AND money
    • What to focus on FIRST, SECOND, then THIRD to create the fastest path to cash in your business
    • Simple, step-by-step instructions for creating your own programs, products and pricing.
    • The ONLY time it makes sense to focus on building passive income (and why making this a focus too soon will put you out of business!)
Module 4: Effective Lead Generation

Many online lead generation strategies like SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) take a high level of expertise that you would either need to hire or take a lot of time to learn yourself. Most new or struggling businesses do not have the time or money to implement effective online lead generation.

So once you know your Ideal Target Market, how and where do you find them? This is what you will learn in this module.

    • The absolute fastest way to get qualified leads that turn into paying customers
    • Why the “build it and they will come” strategy will put you in the poor house and what to do instead!
    • One online lead generation strategy you DO want to implement that many professional “branding/marketing companies” are resistant to (and thankfully it costs very little of your time and money)
    • How to more effectively network so you’re not just wasting your time “meeting for coffee” with unqualified prospects
    • The advantages and disadvantages of being a sponsor, a vendor or an attendee at conferences – and the best way to maximize any event.
Module 5: Creating A Sense Of Urgency

Have you ever wondered why you get to the end of a great presentation to a prospect and they come back with “I can’t afford it” or “Call me in 3 months”? We have too! So Chris and I have “cracked the code” as to why people who really need your services still don’t sign up.

In this fifth module, you’ll learn what it means to “elevate” your prospects sense of urgency to work with you. By selecting a goal from your own life, you will experience a process where your sense of urgency (and willingness to act) is dramatically increased. Bringing that same process to your sales conversations will then dramatically increase your prospects sense of urgency to work with you.

In this module you will discover…

    • The MAIN motivation behind most people’s decisions (once you know this – it’s like being able to read minds!)
    • ONE fundamental thing that is missing from most sales conversations that could move the prospect to a decision in ONE CALL.
    • How changing the FOCUS of the sales conversation is the KEY to closing the sale.
Module 6: The I.H.E.L.P. Selling Process

In Module 6, we walk you through the basic structure of a sales conversation and give you a step-by-step process to follow to improve your very next sales call. We will explain exactly why people object and what to do to overcome them or eliminate them all together. (the objections – not the people!)

    • Why asking questions is so vital – and it’s NOT just so you know what the prospect needs!
    • What questions you MUST ask your prospect to create urgency – and what questions NOT to ask because they bring the conversation to a screeching halt.
    • How knowing what to listen for can get you the sale! (Don’t worry – women are really natural at this)
    • Why embracing a Doctor’s approach to your sales presentation will increase conversion (sounds weird – but trust us – this will blow you away!)
    • PLUS: “Uncovering Hidden Motivators Worksheet” so you will know exactly what questions to ask a prospect to determine what they really want…allowing you to address this in your presentation.
Module 7: Understanding Your Call Reluctance

Fear of picking up the phone and calling leads is one of the MAJOR challenges that hold business owners back. What is behind this fear (is it just rejection) and why are some people more susceptible to it than others?

In this module, we reveal a 4-factor personality model where 3 out of the 4 “types” are especially resistant to picking up the phone to sell their services.

You will learn:

    • What behavioral style you are and how this impacts your business (and more specifically, your prospecting efforts!)
    • Why you may be more comfortable with “face-to-face” meetings than phone conversations
    • How to recognize your prospects style and why some of them seem so intimidating (and how to adapt yourself to be most effective with these people!)
    • What you absolutely MUST DO in order to overcome your sales call reluctance!
Module 8: Overcoming Your Call Reluctance

Most sales are made on or after the FIFTH call. Yet the vast majority of us quit after the FIRST call. So if we don’t overcome our reluctance to call on our prospects, we are leaving a bunch of sales for someone else to grab!

In the previous module, you will come to understand why you are reluctant to call your leads and prospects. In this module, you will learn to overcome your reluctance.

    • The #1 reason we don’t call our prospects (trust us – when we teach this concept to clients they tell us it’s “life-changing”)
    • 5 simple ways to overcome your fear of picking up the phone!
    • How our view of sales keeps us from calling prospects and how we can SHIFT this and actually look forward to prospecting
    • Solutions for combating a life-long fear of rejection
Module 9: Recognizing Prospect’s “Buying” Style

You know that increasing sales is the number one way to grow your business. But what’s the best way to increase sales? Well, since we know that prospects buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, we will sell more when we create greater rapport and connection with our prospect.

The way to do this is to recognize your prospects “buying” style and adjust your presentation. In this 9th Module, we get the focus OFF of you (what you know, what you don’t know, how you sound, etc.) and ON to where it should be: your prospects.

Here is what you will discover:

    • How to recognize the different DISC behavioral styles in the sales process
    • The biggest mistake most people make early on in the initial sales or prospecting call that derails the rest of the conversation
    • 5 Selling Secrets you can only learn “in the trenches” – revealed here!
    • Why people buy – the buying motivations of the four DISC behavioral styles.
    • How and when to “close” the four different styles (there is one style you absolutely CAN close in the first meeting and ONE that you do not even want to try this with!)
Bonus Module: The Right Mindset For Sales is KEY

Quick – shout out the first FIVE words that come to your mind when I say SALESPERSON. If you’re like the majority of the population, you might have just said “pushy”, “sleazy”, “manipulative”, or “greedy”. The problem with this is that if this is how you see sales and people who sell, of course you’re never going to want to sell! You don’t want to be seen as pushy, sleazy, manipulative and greedy.

The first thing we have to do with many of our female clients is change how they see sales in the first place. Because your beliefs drive your actions, we have to work on the beliefs that are holding you back!

In this module, you will learn:

    • The VERY FIRST thing you must know that will SHIFT how you approach a prospect (and that will relax you both).
    • Why you are actually not looking for a YES from your prospect (and what you are looking for instead).
    • The FIVE FUNDAMENTAL things sales IS that will completely shift how you see selling (and what sales is NOT).
    • ONE ground-breaking model that will change how you see yourself, your prospects and sales in general.

In addition to these 9 Modules you will also receive:

BONUS #1: A “Roadmap” that guides your implementation of the Income180 System for 90 days! The roadmap gives you checkpoints to review your progress, stop signs to let you know when you shouldn’t proceed and merge signs when you are to call us for additional help.

BONUS #2: Two “pit-stop” calls throughout the 90-day program. These 20-minute private, laser coaching sessions to review your progress will help you figure out what’s working, what’s not and what to tweak to get more cash in the door!

BONUS #3: HOT OFF THE PRESSES! You will receive a copy of the ground-breaking “Moving From Interaction to Transaction – How To Get Comfortable Asking For The Sale” book. Chapters on more effective networking, how to position yourself as an expert and why only 20% of women business owners will ever succeed – all inside!

BONUS #4: The “How to Thrive In the New Economy” downloadable audio program ($97 value). People are spending LESS yet you need to make MORE! In this program, we dissect the facts from the fiction about our economy and what you need to do to THRIVE no matter what is happening “out there”.

Here’s what others have said:


Ryan Davis “Although we didn't turn around our income in 90 days implementing Chris & Nancy’s System, we nearly tripled our monthly income in 110 days!We really appreciate all they bring to the table with their wisdom in the sales process. They are wonderful people, great business owners and they know how to help facilitate growth in business.” ~ Ryan & Steph Davis, Owner & Design Manager, www.DiguDesign.com

“This System is the complete foundation for building a consulting or coaching business. Now people can stop ‘nickel & diming’ themselves to death, and get what they need in one place.” ~ Steph Tuss, Baltimore, MD
When You Order This System, You'll Receive:

1. CD’s OF ALL 9 MODULES (or MP3 files if you choose) with Chris and Nancy walking you through the complete “Income180 System” step-by-step.
2. HANDOUTS & WORKSHEETS for every module to help you take notes and have a written process to refer back to.
3. A SYSTEM “ROADMAP” that guides your implementation for 90 days!
4. DIGITAL DOWNLOADS available of all modules and materials
5. BONUS: 2 Private, 1:1 laser coaching calls built into the system

We are giving you everything you need to quickly “turnaround” your business by getting cash in the door while building the foundation you need to grow to multiple six-figures.

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