Increase Sales by Understanding Your Prospects

“How to Increase Your Sales Without Sitting Through
Yet Another Boring Sales Training or Seminar”

Whether you’re a sales person, direct seller or business owner, you know that increasing sales is the number one way to grow your business. But what’s the best way to increase sales?

Well, since we know that prospects buy from people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, how do we create greater rapport and connection with our prospect?

I’m sure you’ve seen people who were just natural at connecting with others. They seem to be able to talk to anyone, anywhere and always say the right thing to get the sale.

I wasn’t one of them!

In the second of year in my business, with dismal sales as an incentive, I enrolled in a sales coaching program that guaranteed success! All I had to do was call into monthly teleconferences, do the homework and I would see my sales skyrocket!

I’m sure you know what happened. While the information was good, it was based on scripts, and following a multi-step, complex process. It didn’t feel natural to me. Not only did my sales not improve, I had laid out a bunch of money on the program. This is the same scenario that countless others have shared with me – so I know I’m not alone.

When we continue to not see the results we want, we tend to blame the economy, our industry, lack of training, product changes, the list goes on and on. Yet while we’re scrambling for excuses – there are always other people doing quite well in very similar situations.

So what it is that they know that we don’t?

Perhaps it’s not what they know. Perhaps it’s something they do.

Particularly in sales, you need to start with the right FOCUS rather than just an outgoing personality, complex process or great product. This focus is on your prospect. What they want, what they need, what is compelling and motivating to them.

Isn’t that refreshing? Get the focus OFF of you (what you know, what you don’t know, how you sound, etc.) and get the focus ON your prospect.

Introducing the audio program…

“How to Increase Sales by Understanding Your Prospects”

This course will teach you to recognize your prospects DISC style and adapt yourself for greater results.

You will learn:

  • The #1 mistake most people make on the initial prospecting call that hurts their sales.
  • 5 Selling Secrets you can only learn “in the trenches” – learn what NOT to do!
  • How to recognize the different DISC styles and adjust your presentation to get more sales!
  • Know why people buy – the buying motivations of the four DISC behavioral styles so you can understand exactly what will move your prospect to buy from you.
  • Learn how and when to “close” the four different styles.
  • INCLUDED: A “Quick Glance Reference Guide” to the DISC Tendencies so you’ll be able to quickly identify people’s style.
  • PLUS: Behavioral Selling Skills guide which includes reading Body Language.

“Thank you so much for this information. I usually have trouble communicating effectively with the “A-type” personalities of the world. But after listening to your program, I applied what I learned to my very next presentation and it worked like a charm. I plan on listening again and again.” - Pauline Winters, Sales Rep, Rochester, NY

You also get these two great bonuses:

BONUS #1: Downloadable audio program “How to Understand and Capitalize on your DISC Style” plus transcript and guide ($79 value)

  • Why you’re good at what you do and how to apply this information to improve your business results
  • What your adapted DISC style is and if it’s working for you or causing you stress
  • How you need to communicate and be communicated with and how to use this information to improve your professional and personal relationships

BONUS #2: Downloadable audio recording of “Thrive In the New Economy” plus guide ($59 value)

  • Why looking for security at this time is a waste of time
  • The absolute first thing you must do to not suffer in this economy
  • Three strategies for thriving right now!
  • What DISC type has a distinct advantage now they’ve never had before

Plus, you will learn a simple, step-by-step goal setting system that works for every DISC style and is guaranteed to get you results.

“It was very helpful to learn the buying motivations of the four DISC styles… as well as HOW and WHEN to close them. I would highly recommend this material to others.” – Colleen Beckwith, Mary Kay Consultant, Fairport, NY

Remember, the “How to Increase Sales” audio program is not some complicated sales training. It’s simply a way to recognize your prospects buying personality and motivations so you can tailor your presentation for them.

The value of all these programs combined is $235. For most people, one additional sale would more than recoup their investment. Our web special is only $97.00. That’s over 50% off.

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Nancy Roberts & Chris Kenney

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