Interaction to Transaction

How to Get Comfortable When Asking for the Sale

Interaction To TransactionWhy is it that as women, we have such a hard time asking for the sale?  I have a few theories:

1.    Low self-esteem
2.    Taught to cooperate, not compete
3.    Our view of sales
4.    The way we network
5.    How we transition to the sales conversation

These five topics are covered in the first five chapters of the “Interaction To Transaction” book.  As you can imagine, they are unique challenges but are all interwoven.

Then we discuss some other challenges women have around charging what they are worth.  Without exception every women business owner we have met and worked with is vastly undercharging for her services.  We explore why this is and give you some practical steps to take to start making the money you desire and deserve.

Lastly we address a well-known phenomenon (the high percentage of businesses that fail) by revealing a little-known cause (that only 20% ever achieve in any undertaking), why that is the case and the secret to making sure you are in the 20%.

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“I'm crazy about this book! I am placing it on my recommended reading list for corporate clients.”  Dr. Reesa Woolf, Business Presentation Mentor,

“I LOVE this book!  I shared it with my consultants last night at my event, and am sending them your information so that they may get their own copies. Thank you so much!” Laura R. Messineo, Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"I received your book, “Interaction to Transaction” and I LOVE it.  I want to give it to my entire team. How do I purchase multiple copies?”
J. Lewis, Phoenix, AZ